Syracuse City charter, ordinances, codes, and local laws now available online

The City of Syracuse has added a new link to its webpage, allowing anyone to view the City Charter, revised general ordinances, codes and local laws, online and free of charge! The City Charter, adopted in 1960 with the approval of the Mayor, establishes the City of Syracuse, and outlines the roles and duties of each branch of government therein. Ordinances, codes, and local laws are voted on and approved by the Common Council. The City Clerk records and certifies all City ordinances, resolutions, and local laws enacted by the Council. It is our hope that making the municipal code available online will make government more accessible, and aid constituents in understanding how it works. Questions about municipal code can be directed to the law department at (315)448-8400. To view, follow the link below:


About Lindsay Speicher

As Mayor Miner's Director of Constituent Services, it is my job to connect people with their government, answer questions and concerns, and help residents get the most out of living in the city of Syracuse, NY.
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